The Bóbita Puppet Theatre was established in 1961 in Pécs under the direction of Lajos Kós.
The company soon became known for its humorous, entertaining shows for adults and children (Opera Salad, Walks in the Zoo) and for its performances without words accompanied by instrumental rock music (Pink Floyd – Kalevala, Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Pictures at an Exhibition)
In appreciation of its two decades of outstanding performances, the theatre became the puppet section of the National Theatre of Pécs, thus becoming the first provincial puppet ensemble to be given professional puppet theatre status. As the only professional puppet theatre of the region Bóbita endeavors to offer exciting and attractive performances for every age group. Apart from traditional puppet shows for children, which are primarily based on classical fairy tales, Bóbita also performs street and adult shows. An outstanding event organized every three years by the theatre is the International Adult Puppet Festival of Pécs. In 2010 Pécs will be the European Capital of Culture, among the attractions of which will be a World Adult Puppet Festival hosted by Bóbita. Since 1 January 2004 the theatre has functioned as an independent company.
In 2011 Bóbita Puppet Theatre, celebrating its 50th birthday, moved to a new place, to the Zsolnay Quarter. In the beautifully renovated Zsolnay palace a 185-seat grand hall, a 60-seat chamber hall, a puppet museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions, a puppet-making crafts room, where 30 children can make puppets simultaneously, a Café Griff with a terrace and an open-air stage with playground have been created.



Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was – or maybe wasn’t … but yes, upon my word, it is a true story … a young man who lived in the capital city. He was called Lajos Kós, and after finishing his studies he took his wandering stick and his haversack and left home to discover the world.
The lad didn’t make it to the end of the world because as soon as he reached the city of Pécs, he ran out of food, so he had to stop for a while. As he was strolling in the streets of the city he met a group of youngsters, who, after finishing their work or studies for the day, always came together and played with puppets. Lajos really liked this puppeteer life, so he recruited a theatre company, painted sceneries, researched for tales and, in the meantime, he settled, and made a home for his new family. The company found a name for themselves, they became known as Bóbita Puppet Ensemble. They managed to win the heart of many-many children and adults … they conquered the city where they lived, the capital, moreover, the whole wide world. Once, they entered a competition called „Who knows what?” and they brought the first prize from there … then they quickly entered two more times … and behold … they won those contests as well! They were invited to perform everywhere, even a commercial was shot starring them. So many people wanted to see them that they had not enough time left for they real work or studies. Then they decided to make their living only from puppeteering and they renamed themselves to Bóbita Puppet Theatre. From that time on they worked even more and harder together and they became even more famous.
This reputation was preserved by their successors who do their bests to maintain the company’s popularity all around the country and the world. And since this young team also did a great job, they received a wonderful new home from the city of Pécs not long ago. This new home is a veritable fairy-tale palace where they always welcome children and adults alike with newer and newer performances.
To show their respect to the one-time young lad of our story, the puppeteers named the grand hall of the fairy-tale palace after Lajos Kós, so that everybody should be reminded who was the founder of Bóbita Puppet theatre.

And they lived happily ever after, we hope so, anyway …

“Bóbita’s got a new building,
Her castle’s walls - made of mist,
Famous guests are arriving,
Like the Beauty and the Beast.”

(Sándor Weöres: The Fairy)