Dödölle (pöttömszínház)
Dödölle (pöttömszínház)
2023.02.10. Friday 10:00

Dear Audience,

There is a beautifully renovated palace with a welcoming green roof striking out of the buildings of Zsolnay Quarter with large colourful characters showing the time on the southern facade of it - well, the troupe of Bóbita Puppet Theatre have been living and performing their plays here since 2011.

Our house is surrounded by playgrounds, sports fields, little snug hideaways and nooks for playing hide and seek – where the passerby can cool off in the shade offered by the blooming summer shrubs while in winter visitors can spend their free time with snow ball battles and skating before and after the programs we offer.

Besides our PERFORMANCES, you can visit the ARTS AND CRAFTS CLASSES where kindergarten and schoolchildren can learn the tricks of puppet making, furthermore you can visit the PUPPET EXHIBITION or participate in our SUMMER CAMPS. You can buy puppet related toys and unique gifts at the FAIRY TALE SHOP, and in case they get hungry or thirsty, the CAFÉ GRIFF offers a variety of delicacies. (You can find further details concerning our services by clicking the “SERVICES” item.)

Please, visit us and make yourselves at home!