(a puppet play for children over 3)

Adapted to puppet theatre stage after the story of the Grimm brothers by Ildikó Végh
Lyrics by Kornél Laboda
Music by Zoltán Samu Csernák
Choreography by Anikó Juhász
Designed and directed by Rita Kiss Rita (Blattner-award winner)
Scenery and puppets made by: Rita Bartal Kiss, Ágnes Salamon, Géza Nagy Kovács, Hajnalka Fekete, Mrs. Bódi Anna Kövecses
Performed by Zita Mária Balog,
Máté Arató, Kinga Várnagy as a guest, Ilona Illés, Melinda Papp, Lóránt Matta

What does a small shoe found at the palace after the ball represent?
Well, nothing for the Prince, at least without the lovely little foot it fits on ...
Painful big toes and calluses for the wicked and envious sisters …
Some wrinkles on the forehead of the stepmother...
A royal wedding for the half-orphan Cinderella…
But what about the fairy who tries to help Cinderella find happiness?
Well, he(!) will tell it himself!


Place of the performance: Lajos Kós hall
Duration of the performance: cc.50 minutes