(a baby theatre show for children under the age of 3)


Created by Aliz Bogárdi and Mátyás Jankó
Dramaturg-consultant Melinda Papp
Acted out, sung and instrumented by Judit Vadon, Dániel Czéh, Kinga Anna Balázs as a guest


A Baby theatre performance not only for babies, but for the whole family!
The clouds give the theme of the story – but a lot more can be learnt about the cycle of nature, the world of plants, animals, people and fairies. You can feel the breeze, the floating, see all the colours of the rainbow, hear the ringing tones, drums, loudspeakers, songs - just be careful do not to soak in the end if the clouds gather around!


Place of the performance: Chamber hall
Duration of the performance is 25 minutes + participants play together for 20-25 more minutes