(Baby-theatre performance for children under 3)

Created and played by Ilona Illés and Gabi Csizmadia as a guest

From a baby’s point of view the world of grown-ups is huge, incomprehensible, unpredictable and, perhaps, sometimes a bit scary. You need a little nook, a little snug cabin where you feel safe and relaxed. Where your imagination can take you to infinity, where anything can happen any moment, where thrill and secrets lurk in every corner.

Anything can happen in a child’s bedroom. Even the walls can transform to sea, and the soft bed to a sailing boat. The toys, but even the blanket and pillows, can come to life, and the picture on the wall might set off for a great journey.

Our fifth performance made for babies begins in a cosy child’s bedroom, and when the spell vanishes, it finishes there as well, providing a framework to the game.

In the performance to be shown, the scenery provides a colourful, warm, soft children-friendly, safe and accident-free environment. This is really important from the point of view of the children, since, just like in the cases of previous performances, after the performance acted by the actresses, the children can play, jump around and crawl freely in the soft-fluffy milieu. The puppets and scenery can be touched; the children can play together with the parents, the actresses and each other.



Place of the performance: Chamber hall
Duration of the performance: 20-25 minutes + 25 minutes joint playing with parents and other children