JUNGLE TALE, or a Lion Cube who has lost its mane
(for children above 5 years)


Written by József Keresztesi
Designed by Rita Bartal Kiss
Music by János Bujdosó
Directed by Lóránt Matta
Puppets and Set by Mrs. Anna Kövecses Bódi, Hajnalka Fekete, Géza Nagy Kovács
Performed by the troupe of Bóbita Puppet Theatre


Little Leo feels really great by his mother’s side in the savannah, hopping, tumbling around and playing hide and seek with the other animal kids. If there were no cheeky meerkats who are scorning him of being clumsy and slow, if his mother did not encourage him that by the time his mane grows he will be quick and clever, perhaps would not even dream about getting away in search of adventures. According to a jungle legend, only those will have a mane to grow, who meets the test of courage that is to find the old man of the forest in the middle of the jungle, who is brewing the dark drink.
The swanky Baboon is preparing to meet him, so the Little Lion decides to accompany him ...


Place of the performance: Lajos Kós Hall
Duration of the performance: 45-50 minutes