(A performance for children over 4)


The Hungarian folk tale with the same title was adapted to stage by Róbert Markó
Consultant: Melinda Papp
Dramatized by Orsolya Nagy university student
Puppet and scenery designed by Szilárd Boráros
Music composed by Aliz Bogárdi, Mátyás Jankó
Choreography by Dezső Fitos (Gyula Harangozó prize winner) and Enikő Kocsis (Gyula Harangozó prize winner)
Directed by Róbert Markó university student
Performed by Dániel Czéh, Gábor Kalocsányi, Lóránt Matta, Melinda Papp, Judit Vadon/ Zita Mária Balog, Zoltán Komlóczi as a guest


When the main king, the king of all kings refused to give his daughter to Kalamona, he decided to tie up the wind. And there was not a single person or creature across the kingdom who could have set the wind free. However, the youngest son of the poor man and the poor woman, Failure, who had failed in everything before, undertook the task to fight with wild boars, devils, and witches to reach the end of the Seventh World, and find Kalamona’s palace and Kalamona himself within, and untie the wind to set him free from captivity.
A theatre whirlpool with puppets, dance, lights, earth, water and air after one of the most eventful pieces of our treasury of folk tales.


Place of the performance: Lajos Kós hall
Duration of the performance: cc 50 minutes