Mattie the Goose-boy
(a puppet show for children over the age of 3)

Written by Balázs Szálinger (József Attila prize winning) after the original Hungarian tale by Mihály Fazekas
Adapted to stage by Rozi Kocsis (Blattner Géza prize winning)
Designed by Szilárd Boráros
Music by Viki Rab
Choreographer: Dezső Fitos (Harangozó Gyula prize winning)
Directed by Róbert Markó
Performed by Dániel Czéh, Máté Arató, Lóránt Matta, Ilona Illés, Zita Mária Balog


No one can stand tyranny, oligarchy, and domination. But very few people are brave enough to fight tyranny, patriotism and domination. Especially with such implacable and unshakable way as Mattie the Goose-boy did! Seeing the story of the poor goose-boy, one can contemplate about whether or not to fall for the good purpose; is the threefold punishment rightful and fair for a single offense... And about how to handle power when it comes to you.
How can you avoid becoming, for example, tyrannical, ruthless and domineering.
Because, you see no one can stand tyranny, oligarchy and domination,...


The performance is held at: Kós Lajos hall
Planned duration of the performance: 50 minutes