(Baby theatre for children 0-3)

Designer and Director: Rita Bartal Kiss (Blattner-prize)
Writer: Rozi Kocsis (Blattner-prize)
Music: Viki Rab
Played by: Gabi Csizmadia and Ilona Illés

It is unbelievable but the babies who are younger than 3 years are sensitive for theatre performance. Of course they are sensitive for those performances which are made for them.
The smaller ones can take part on a journey during the 20 minutes long performance. They can go with the kind bunnies to the streaks of the seven color rainbow silk clouds. They can go with by car, ship, train, flying on a swing, with charm of known says and nursery rhymes. After the performance the children can touch, stroke, punch the puppets, the settings: they can try them and they can play with them too.
The aesthetic experience which can be visualized at home too, can bring the mother-child relationship closer to each other. These new experiences can develop the child more effectively. Arts can help in these ages the most.


Place  of the performance:  Chamber hall
Duration of the 2 parts: 20-20 minutes