(for children over the age of 4)

Written by Róbert Markó
Visual design by Szilárd Boráros
Music composed by Dániel Takács
Directed by Milada Boráros
Performed by Dániel Czéh and Anna Markó-Valentyik

Tales about dragon-slaying heroes belong to the most ancient layers of our treasury of folk tales. They go back to the times when the knights following a quest used to bear not only magical abilities, but they also knew how to get in touch with shamans, old women giving advice as well as with silver-hair old men who would provide them with some help to accomplish their mission.
The joint performance of KL Theatre and the Magamura Creative Workshop, unfolds the tale of Sebastian, the Dragon-slayer, a poor boy, who eventually becomes a hero.

The preformance is held at: Lajos Kós hall
Duration of the performance: 50 munutes

The performance was created in cooperation with KL Theater and the Magamura Creative Workshop.