(A puppet show for children over 4)

Written by György Fábián
Puppets and scenery designed by Anna Bódiné Kövecses
Music by László Nyitrai
Directed by Gábor Sramó
performed by Ilona Illés and Melinda Papp

Sweet Life Patisserie is a special, magical place, you do not know who and when opened it ...
Even the great grandmother of granny came here with her mother to eat custard and drink frothy cocoa drink on cheerful Sunday afternoons. This is where our father came in with his uncle for a piece of delicious chocolate cake on Fridays after school, and was looking longingly at the chocolate-covered marzipan girls and the gingerbread Hussars.
Two brothers bustle in Sweet Life Patisserie, from morning till night since time immemorial and tell a creamy caramel-honey-tales to whoever asks them to ...

The performance can be seen at Lajos Kós auditorium/chamber room
Duration of the performance is about 40-45 minutes