(a puppet performance for children over the age of 4)


Written by Melinda Papp
The Puppets and scenery were designed by Kitti Csuzda
Visual design Géza Nagy Kovács
Music composed by Zoltán Samu Csernák
Directed by Dániel Halasi
Performed by the troupe of Bóbita Puppet Theatre

Amina is special little girl. Her parents, the king and the queen had been waiting for their children to be born for years, but they were really surprised when they saw the purple-haired new-born with a serious look in her eyes.
At the dawn of time, the royal family received the ability from an omnipotent, great fairy to be able to foresee the future, and this ability passed from fathers to sons. The daughters, however were facing a different kind of fate…

A Fairy tale about parents, children, and the forces inside us, somewhere on the winding paths of time. A story inspired by the dream of Botond Czéh, a 5-year-old boy.

The performance is held at: Lajos Kós hall
Duration of the performance: 50 minutes