(A puppet show for Children over 5 years of age)


After the work of Ágnes Nemes Nagy the story was adapted for Puppet theatre stage by Khaled-Abdo Saida
Designed by Ottó Szabó
Music by Szabolcs Szőke
Directed by Tamás Somogyi
Acted by the company of Bóbita Puppet Theatre

Sadeli lived alone with his only friend, the smart Little Monkey. He had no mother or father so he supported himself from collecting firewood. His only joy was to paint and draw all day and all night. One evening he got a special gift: a golden brush. With this, began with a line of miracles and adventures, because this brush was a magic brush!
What Sadeli painted with it came to life right away.
But beware! A little boy who gets that kind of power has to face a lot of danger...


Place of the performance: Lajos Kós Hall
Duration of the performance is about 60 minutes