(thematic play ground for children aged 4 to 14)


Is there anyone who has not daydreamed of putting on armour, mounting on a horse, setting off to a battle as a knight holding a spear?

Bóbita Puppet Theatre is expecting the children from May 2014 on with skill board game whereby they pass through stages where the above dreams and daydreaming become a reality!

In the five stages of the new thematic playground tasks of varying difficulty await the pages wishing to become a knight. The fulfilment of the tournament will be helped by to fulfil the fancy-dressed play-masters. In the Medieval style tents/shades which can be seen from the distance, some 5 or 6 children can play at once. Due to the well-prepared play-masters, the tasks and trials are individualised and age-tailored, so the participants - from the very small to the young teenagers - always finish with the experience of success

- During the first three games of the candidates take part in a "luck" game.
- In the second game the young future knights have to ride a special bicycle and start pedalling. The pedalling will start synchronized little figures who have to overcome a variety of obstacles. If you have completed the course, you can move on.
- In the third game, speed is in the centre. The brave candidate is riding a horse, and racing against time while the sand in the hourglass is flowing down. The goal is to maximize the number of passes through the finish line.
- The fourth game is the small pages will fights each other in a tournament or else a joust. You have to be clever and quick as well. The goal is to be able to hang the rings, suspended in the middle of the field, on the tip of yours spear as quickly as possible
- In the fifth and final game, what matters is mental preparedness. Behind closed doors riddles are waiting for the knight candidates. Finally, the pages who have stood all trials will be knighted by the King!


The thematic playground events, which can be ordered for festivals, school or pre-school events, are guided and assisted by the actors of Bóbita Puppet Theatre, as play-masters.


The thematic playground requires an area of 10×6 metres, or, in an alternative arrangement a circular area with a diameter of 12-14 metres

Duration: according to preliminary arrangement