(A puppet show for Children over 4 years of age)


Written by József Keresztesi
Designed by Panni Bodonyi
Scenery by Anna Bódiné Kövecses and Géza Nagy Kovács
Music by Monori András
Directed by Dániel Halasi
Acted by the company of Bóbita Puppet Theatre

It was the eve of Epiphany, and soon it was time to pull down Christmas tree. On this night, however, Little People will come to find the remaining Christmas candies. It is believed that at least one piece must be left for them, otherwise they will carry what they find - that is when small cars, plastic soldiers and small toys disappear. A little boy and a little girl decide to follow this last piece of Christmas candy and get into the strange and enchanting Christmas Tree Empire to fulfil the quest and after a lot of adventure recover the Lost toys.

Place of the performance: Lajos Kós Hall
Duration of the performance is about 50 minutes