(for children aged from 4 to 10)

The original folk tale collected by János Berze Nagy was adapted to puppet theatre stage by Viktória Éva Nagy and Jankó Schneider
Designed by Judit Bodor
Music by Zoltán Samu Csernák
Directed by Jankó Schneider
Performed by Melinda Papp and Lóránt Matta

Once upon a time there was a poor woman who was so poor indeed that even her mice went begging to her neighbours. This woman had a son. The boy was so clever that he outwitted even the devils: he stole their most precious treasure, the magic padlock. He was doing very well after that; he even married the king’s daughter. However, one should be careful , because the devil never grants long leases…


Place of the performance: Lajos Kós hall
Duration of the performance is 45-50 minutes