(an open-air giant-puppet performance performed on stilts)

The legend of the Szársomlyó mountain was adapted to stage and directed by Zoltán Tóth
Co-director: Gábor Sramó
Dramaturge: Melinda Papp
Designed by Dorottya Boros
Music composed by Tamás Czigány
Acted by Dániel Czéh,
Máté Arató, Lóránt Matta, Zita Mária Balog, Melinda Papp
Musician: Tamás Czigány as a guest/ Zoltán Komlóczi as a guest


Legend has it that the Mountain near Villány was ploughed by the Devil himself.
For what reason? He wanted to get Harka, the daughter of the old witch from Nagyharsány, but he could only get her if he ploughed the rocky side of the mountain. He had almost succeeded in it, but the witch then invented another trick to save his daughter from the devil ...
Our open-air game evokes the legends of "Devil's Cauldron" with giant puppets on stilts and lively music.


Duration of the performance is about 20-25 minutes
Place of the performance: Outdoor venues