(for children over the age of 4)


Written Péter Varsányi by after the tale of Jean-François Bladé
Dramatized by Zsuzsa Hajós
Designed by Luca Sára Jeli
Music composed by Bernadett Tarr
Choreography by Domokos Kovács
Directed by Péter Varsányi
Performed by the troupe of Bóbita Puppet Theatre

At a winter night, an unexpected guest knocks on the window of the House of the Green Man: the Raven King who is trying to find a wife for himself. He marries the youngest girl and takes her to her harsh home. After that, the young queen would only have to hold on for seven years, and resist the temptation not to peep the cursed Raven King in its true human form. Is it surprising that she cannot resist the temptation of curiosity? She does not even grasp how much trouble she cause with this act to her husband and the raven community. So she sets of to go on a long pilgrimage to make up for her a mistake.
A lyrical and peculiar humorous tale by Jean-François Bladé, a French folk-tale researcher with puppets, dance, music…

The performance is held at: Lajos Kós hall
Planned duration of the performance: 50 minutes