(a performance for children over the age of 5)


Written by Péter Kárpáti
Puppet and scenery design by Erik Grosschmid (Géza Blattner prize winner)

Puppets and Set by Mrs. Anna Kövecses Bódi, Hajnalka Fekete, Veronika Thébesz, Géza Nagy Kovács, Ferenc Kapási
Music by Áron Ádám KovácsLyrics by children rhymes from Temes- Middle (1882)
Directed by Balázs Perényi
Performed by Kata Nagy as a guest/Judit Vadon, Kinga Várnagy as a guest, Dániel Czéh, Gábor Kalocsányi, Lóránt Matta, Melinda Papp


How could Jasorkorig, the lonely king escape from the Palace of Sighs?
Where could he find a spouse for himself? And will he ever find one?
With his faithful aid, Yük, an enchanted prince changed into a magic horse search all over the countries of the world and celestial kingdoms as well to visit the most beautiful princesses. Once they fly over the Sun, at other occasions they wander on the fields. They visit the palace of the eternally turning giant wheel, the groove of evil spirits …
They enjoy a great friendship for life. Or is it really for life?
And Miss Owl keeps flying around them, she watches and helps...

The enchanting gipsy tale by Magda Szécsi was adapted to stage by playwright Péter Kárpáti; the puppet performance uses his words to talk about solitude, friendship, sacrifice, adventures, and quests seasoned with plenty of humour, playfulness and magic.


Place of the performance: Lajos Kós hall
Duration of the performance: cc 50 minutes


The performance was sponsored by the National Cultural Fund.