(for children over the age of 14)

It was adapted to puppet stage by János Háy after his work “The son of the berry-gardener”
Dramaturgue: Zoltán Tóth
Designed by Jankó Schneider
Puppets and Set by Mrs. Anna Kövecses Bódi, Hajnalka Fekete, Veronika Thébesz, Géza Nagy Kovács, Ferenc Kapási
Zeneszerző: János Kardos Horváth
Rendező: Zoltán Tóth
Performed by Judit Vadon, Dániel Czéh, Gábor Kalocsányi, Melinda Papp, Gergely Tölgyfa as a guest, Zoltán Komlóczi as a guest

„Why, it’s really damn shit to be 18... Well, for sure, it’s better, too! At last you can buy beer, and cigarettes. Without being harassed. But .. that’s all! I mean it, that’s all! There are less loopholes. Shit! This is all rubbish! And waiting for this. Why? And what’s gonna happen now? Nothing. I’m sitting at the corner waiting for the others to come. It’s evening. Tuesday. A typical Tuesday. We’re gonna have a few beers and waiting for the nothing!”
(An extract from The Son of the Berry-Gardener by János Háy)


Nothing is going to happen to those who see the performance. They will be able to laugh and sometimes cry. Recall the past and be afraid of the future. But something is for sure: they will live at least one hour longer than others!


Expected length of the performance is 60-70 minutes