(A puppet show for Children over 4 years of age)

Written by József Keresztesi
Designed by Rita Bartal Kiss (Blattner Géza prize winning)
Music by Dániel Czéh, Gábor Kalocsányi
Directed by András Veres
Acted by Lóránt Matta,
Máté Arató, Zita Mária Balog

József Keresztesi, a poet from Pécs, flies his readers into the most special and funniest world of contemporary children's literature. He tells you about strange beings, situations and stories in his playful and wise poems.
You can enter the chamber, the closet, the bathroom, and meet wonders everywhere. What does an Elk eat? What the hell is a stick-in-the-mud? Where has the famous striker of the table football team gone? Who hunts puddings? Our performance gives answers to many of such exciting questions, with puppets, music and laughter.
Whoever comes to see it will surely find out, "Whatever eats what?"

Place of the performance: Chamber Hall
Duration of the performance is about 50 minutes