A new service of Bóbita Puppet theatre is that you can not only watch your favourite heroes on stage but you can prepare them and take them home!


AT OUR PUPPET MAKING WORKSHOPS children can acquire different techniques of puppet making, and they can prepare a puppet related to the performances of Bóbita themselves.


Children can prepare puppets, masks, festive accessories and gifts that are related to festive days and seasons.

April- Looking forward to Easter
June- Midsummer dream-play
October- Preparing for Autumn- Halloween
December-Advent, Nativity play

Duration of the workshops is 50-70 minutes (with interactive games in Puppet Museum if there is a demand for it)

Age group: 4 for children between 4 to 12

The price of the workshop including a ticket: 1000 HUF/person

Prices of season tickets:
1800 HUF/person/2 occasions
2700 HUF/person/3 occasions
2600 HUF/person/4 occasions
(The prices above include the price of a ticket for Bóbita Puppet Museum as well!)